Engineers and the Zombie Apocalypse

I wrote this blog post for a metal fabrication company, the topic I was given was “Engineers”, demographic” males 21-29 who watch the Walking Dead… I stopped reading at that point and wrote this which included some of the keywords they wanted about specific services they offered (which I have now cut out because – boring).

I even wrote what I thought was an amazing call to action which wasn’t even part of the brief telling people to check their business out for all of their zombie and non-zombie steel fabrication needs.

They didn’t like it, didn’t see the humour in it, so I share my wisdom here for free.

Engineers: Why You Need One In Your Squad

Die hard fans could relax again as the second part of Season 7 of The Walking Dead hit our screens a few Sundays ago. With its spin off Fear the Walking Dead and other zombie shows like Z Nation and i Zombie our thirst for the undead seems insatiable.

We’ve all had the discussions about where we would head, whether we would be a gun or an axe person. Probably more axes than guns, because how many of us happen to have a firearm sitting around just in case?

We might have joked about it, but we all know who the human shields in our friendship groups will be, sad but true. It’s the apocalypse people, no time for sentimentality, this is about survival. We also know who were are going to be sticking close to, hopefully not in a human shield kind of way either.

The perfect mix for survival is an engineer, a medic, someone who is just really strong and brave and maybe not overly bright who has a lot of stamina, a hunter gatherer who can transform bark and grass cuttings into a delightful stew and an optimist. If the optimist also has amazing mixed martial arts skills, then that’s a bonus.

This is a short post so we are going to focus on why if you aren’t friends with an engineer already you should be by the zombie apocalypse.

  • Along with being clever problem solvers engineers have a tonne of other useful skills that you don’t often think about unless you are in the industry, or watching The Walking Dead. Your guns and axes might be fine for the first month or so, but they will soon wear out and that is where an engineer will come in very handy, they are really good at building stuff.
  • As cars and structures break down an engineer will be able to create new and improved models, probably made of straws or something. After that, they will make some flexible armour and together you will rid the world of the zombie scourge forever.



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